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How to Work with Headway Copytrade?

Adam Lienhard
How to Work with Headway Copytrade?

Meet Headway Copytrade, a new service for copytrading. It is a transparent, user-friendly, and flexible tool for investors and traders. This article will help you learn more about its features and inner workings. Start on Headway Copytrade now →

What is Copytrade?

Headway Copytrade is a platform for online social trading. Headway provides the space for investors and traders to meet for mutual benefit.

Investors are the users who enter the service to invest money in strategies. They profit from trading with the help of more experienced traders. Investors copy trading orders and keep the financial results for themselves. To copy these orders, investors pay a monthly commission to the strategy’s owner.

A strategy is an account of a real trader where they make their trades. The trader publishes the account and trades as usual. Investors find the strategy and copy it. That way, the trader profits from trading as well as the investors’ commission.

Why Copytrade is good for investors

Copytrade is a great solution for users looking for sources of passive income:

  • It is affordable and simple. Investors can start copying from only $1 and use any of their real accounts for copying trades. No special requirements for leverage, account type, balance, trading terminal, etc. 
  • It is customizable. Investors choose the copying ratio for themselves: Be it the minimal 0.1 or the maximum 1000. A copying ratio of 0.1 means that you copy 10% of the original order; a ratio of 1000 means that you copy the order multiplied by a thousand in volume. So, even beginner traders with moderate capital will copy orders and profit from them.
  • It is transparent. Once copying starts, investors gain the opportunity to view full information on the strategy. They see all balance operations and trading orders of the strategy.
  • It is controllable. Investors can manage the copied trades in MetaTrader: close the orders, add and change Stop-Loss, Take-Profit, order volume, and more. Not all services for social trading allow it for their clients.

Why Copytrade is good for strategy owners

Headway Copytrade also offers advantages to experienced traders who want to earn more from trading:

  • It is easy and transparent. Traders can publish real accounts with any settings as strategies on Copytrade. The only requirement is a minimum balance of $100. When you create a strategy, you access detailed stats on its performance. You can also see how many investors favorited and liked your strategy.
  • It is open to sharing. Traders can share the public link of the strategy on social media or elsewhere. Even unregistered users will be able to browse the strategy on Headway. 
  • It is supportive. The better the performance of the strategy, the higher its ranking. The algorithms promote traders with good results.
  • It is unlimited. Traders can publish multiple strategies at once and dedicate each to a specific trading strategy or instrument.
  • It is IB-friendly. Partners who join Headway Copytrade, can publish a strategy and receive doubled benefits both from the IB program and Copytrade commissions.

How Copytrade works for investors

As an investor, you gain the maximum profit from Copytrade when you copy multiple strategies. Strategies can balance each other out and help you to diversify your market risks. To start on Copytrade, go to the Investor Board.

The Investor Board is the main workspace for an investor. Here you can view all available strategies ranked by adjustable filters. Here are the steps you may take before investing in Copytrade:

  • Filter the strategies: by profit, win rate, active days, popularity, platform, risk, or monthly commission. You can also use our AI algorithm to find the best options on the list. 
  • Favorite strategies. Save the most attractive variants by clicking on the star icon.
  • Compare the strategies. Click on the 🔃 icon to add strategies to the comparison list. You will be able to compare multiple traders by 20 criteria.
  • Study strategy performance. Click on the strategy card to view strategy details. The charts and stats will showcase its development. Once you invest in it, you can even see the balance operations and order history here.

Once you are ready to make an informed decision, click Start copying on the page of a chosen strategy. 

To start copying, you need to:

  1. Choose a copying account. It may be (1) one of your already-opened real accounts, (2) a new account with settings of your choice, or (3) a new account that duplicates the strategy settings. Remember that each option has its perks.
  1. Set details of your copying. Choose an appropriate copying proportion (see more above) and a copying mode. The copying mode defines how your copying will start: Will it copy only brand-new orders after you become an investor? Or will you copy even already-opened positions? The choice is yours.
  1. Deposit if you need to. Make sure that you have enough funds in your real account to cover the first commission of the strategy owner and open the first copied trades.
  1. Click Start copying!

Congratulations, now you are the Copytrade investor. Enjoy the copying and prepare for profits! You can stop and restart copying a strategy anytime on the copied strategy page. Stay flexible and invest in multiple strategies at once. 

How Copytrade works for strategy owners

As a trader and strategy owner, you gain the maximum profit from Copytrade when you publish multiple strategies and trade actively. Your success starts for you in the Trader Area of Copytrade.

To start on Headway Copytrade, you connect a real account to the service. Once you do it, Trader Area will become the key workspace for managing all your Copytrade strategies. There, you can:

  • Publish and unpublish strategies,
  • Edit commission size,
  • Get the public links for sharing strategies online,
  • View the full financial history and statistics,

Let’s create a new strategy on Headway Copytrade. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Click Create strategy in the Trader Area.
  1. Choose a real account. Only accounts with a balance of $100 or more are allowed for copying. Make sure that you have enough funds to publish your account.
  1. Define a commission size that you will receive from your investors monthly. Later, you can change the commission, and it will change only for new investors.
  1. Customize your strategy. Give it a unique name and description, and upload an image. All of it will help you attract more investors.
  1. Submit the request by clicking Create strategy.

Congratulations! Now you are the strategy owner in Headway Copytrade. Keep trading and making profits. The commission from your investors will be credited every month to your USD wallet.

One strategy is a good way to get started. You can also create multiple strategies with your other real accounts. The more strategies you manage, the more people you attract – the more commission you receive! For instance, each strategy can be devoted to a different trading style (scalping, day trading, swing, etc.) or an instrument (gold, Forex, and more).

And remember: Investors will notice your strategy on the Investor Board if it performs well. Improve your results to engage with more investors and earn extra money.

Start on Copytrade now!

Headway Copytrade is a user-friendly instrument that broadens market opportunities for both traders and investors. Use the power of the Headway community to earn more from trading. Start with Copytrade now →

Should you have any questions, contact our Customer Care team via [email protected], in the app, or the live chat on the website.

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