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How to Navigate the Investor Board in Copytrade

Adam Lienhard
How to Navigate the Investor Board in Copytrade

Just a little over a month ago, Headway launched Copytrade. Since then, many investors have successfully tried the new service, and even more are joining every day. Today, we are going to explore how to choose the right copytrading strategy for your specific needs.

What is a strategy in Copytrade?

In order to start copying, investors need to follow a strategy. Essentially, a strategy is an account of a real trader who makes trades that investors can copy. When an investor subscribes to a copytrading strategy, their real account gets linked to the strategy. As a result, trades executed on the strategy’s account are automatically duplicated in the investor’s account.

Investors can always customize the settings of their copied trades, such as leverage, copying proportion, trading volume, and more.

Browsing the Investor Board

When you go to the Copytrade page, the first thing you see is the Investor Board with a catalog of all published strategies. You can view the strategies as a list or as separate strategy cards.

The Investor Board allows you to look through all available strategies. You can sort the strategies by various parameters like profit, popularity, win rate, active days, etc. Our advanced options allow you to filter strategies according to your preferences:

  • Favorite: Look through your favorite strategies;
  • My copies: See all the strategies you copy;
  • Platform: Choose strategies that use only MT4 or MT5;
  • Risk: Filter strategies with high, medium, or low risk;
  • Commission: Enter your preferred commission range.

You can also employ the AI algorithm to sort through the options and pick out the best strategies.

How to read a strategy card

The Investor Board displays a variety of strategy cards. A strategy card is a brief presentation of a strategy’s key parameters. It helps potential investors learn general information about each strategy without going into the details.

Let’s look at the key parameters displayed on a strategy card:

  1. Strategy name. A strategy name helps you navigate between different cards. If you know the name of a strategy, you easily find it through the search bar. Besides, traders often name their strategies after trading instruments or preferred strategy style, so you can get additional information about a strategy from its name. 
  2. Risk level. A risk level can be low, medium, and high. This parameter helps you asses whether a strategy suits your risk tolerance. The risk level of a strategy is calculated by Headway, based on the amount of open positions. The proportion of a strategy’s balance invested in open positions directly correlates with its risk level. So, if a trader invests 50% of their balance, their level of risk is higher than that of a trader who only exposes 10% of their account.
  3. Gain. The gain represents the ratio of profit to a trader’s investments. Simply put, this parameter indicates how much a trader managed to increase their capital. If their overall investment is $100 and they earn $25, their gain is 25%. When calculating the gain, Headway takes into account deposits and withdrawals, so the displayed values are always relevant and up-to-date.
  4. Win rate. The win rate is the ratio of successful trades to the total number of trades made by a trader. Look at this parameter to see how many of the trades executed on the strategy’s account have been profitable. If a trader makes 50 trades, and only 10 of them are successful, their win rate will be 20%.
  5. Commission. The commission is a fee investors need to pay to follow a strategy. The commission is charged once a month and will be partially reimbursed if a trader unpublishes the strategy.
  6. Investors. This parameter shows how many other investors are following the strategy at the moment.
  7. Profit & Loss. To see how much money a strategy made or lost, look at the bottom of a strategy card. This information can help you evaluate the overall profitability of a strategy.

Apart from showing the key parameters, a card allows you to add the strategy to your favorites (⭐) and compare it with other strategies (🔃).

Look for your first strategy now!

Now that you know how the Investor Board works, you can start the search for your first strategy. Explore various options, use custom filters, and employ our AI algorithm to find the perfect copytrading strategy for your needs. Choose a strategy to follow now →

Should you have any questions, contact our Customer Care team via [email protected], in the app, or the live chat on the website.

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